Low Maintenance Flowering Plants

low maintenance flowering plants

    flowering plants
  • A plant that produces flowers; an angiosperm

  • (Magnoliophyta). This is the most diverse and numerous division of plants, with upwards of 400,000 species. Typically the largest flowering plant (angiosperm) has been considered Eucalyptus regnans, which can reach heights of 92 m (304 ft)[6].

  • (flowering plant) angiosperm: plants having seeds in a closed ovary

  • (2. flowering plant) a plant with long sword-shaped leaves. Flowers: many-colored. Genus Iris.

    low maintenance
  • Describes a system which retains proper functionality over long periods of time despite little or no maintenance; Figuratively, describes a person who is self-sufficient and does not require much attention

  • Requiring little work to keep in good condition

  • Not demanding a great deal of attention; independent

  • No bridge is maintenance-free. However, the maintenance required on a York Timber Bridge is greatly minimized and easy to perform. You will never have to paint or worry about rusting rebar that you cannot repair.

  • Herding filter plants and filter elements require very little maintenance, because of their rugged design.

low maintenance flowering plants - Penny Mac

Penny Mac Hydrangea Plant Five Gallon

Penny Mac Hydrangea Plant Five Gallon

Your Penny Mac Hydrangea plant will reward you with large rounded clusters of deep blue flowers that appear repeatedly throughout the warm months (blooms appear on new growth) and are beautiful in fresh arrangements. The Penny Mac is a perfect choice for protected foundation plantings and around outdoor living areas. Monrovia nursery suggests using this blue flowering hydrangea variety in the shaded border for size and interest. A problem solver for homes beneath huge old shade or street trees. The Penny Mac is a deciduous shrub growing to 4 to 6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide or clip to desired size and shape. Plant in shade to partial shade and water well. Hardy from USDA zone 5 up through all higher zones. All of our hydrangea plants are shipped potted in soil to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden.

76% (6)

Barrys Gourmet Garden Orchid

Barrys Gourmet Garden Orchid

Orchid of Barry Gourmet & Raw

It is not uncommon when I am setting up my camera and still life for my Recipe photo shoot that I get distracted by something else in my Thai Tropical Garden. In this case the natural brilliance of Orange and Yellow Red across the garden beckoned me for further investigation.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a Wild Orchid growing on the trunk of my Bougainvillea tree that in its own right is also a real show stopper in the exotic tropical flower department. I did not place this Orchid there so it had to be a wild one.My garden is Permaculture in design. Permaculture is when you mix Edible plants in with non edible ornamentals. This is good practice for Organic Gardening as the use of Chemicals ,are not necessary what so ever.
With careful planting the harmful insects are confused,but the beneficial insects like praying mantis, and birds can keep your garden in check.
When I do see a problem with infestation or disease I try to figure out the cause of the problem first. It could be for many reasons like the plant is in the wrong place, too much sun , or not enough sun, over or under watering, the soil is the wrong type , or it needs more natural amendments.

When I am pruning this is usually when things get discovered in my garden , and all it takes is to mechanically remove the infected leaves or cut some branches to be disposed of separately. Do not compost diseased or infected prunings.
I find that Orchids do not need any pruning, these incredible exotics just do fine on their own.
South East Asia has so many wild and cultivated Orchids of every description and they are quite hardy to take care of. The flower petal feels leathery to the touch and the leaves are dark green and grow in long clusters upwards , with each leaf long and narrow forming a point at the end.
Further below are trailing long vine like roots that need no soil . In fact Orchids thrive on other host living plants like trunks of trees and branches and even rocks. The Orchids roots rap around boulders , rap around and cling to branches and tree trunks living off the nourishment of their host plant. The Thai Orchid also absorbs oxygen and nutrients from the air ,the rain, and all Orchids of course appreciate a good misting from a human as well.

For me Orchids are low maintenance beauties that do just fine in a partially shaded area. The flowers that grow in clusters across long stems ,can last for weeks in brilliant color, and after the flowers wither and die the plant is in dormancy for a few weeks until the right conditions set in and then the orchid blooms all over again.I think of Orchids as Surprise Plants because you never know when they will emerge and burst forth with brilliant colors.

Orchids are prized plants, and some rare endangered species can fetch a lot of money. But many others are just so beautiful and affordable in many the the Thai Nurseries around Phuket Island where I live that having a Tropical Thai Garden with out a few clinging exotic orchids would be unthinkable to me.But even if you do not have a garden , it does not matter as Orchids do not take up much space and can be placed any where in your home for natural beauty and decoration. Good places would be your balcony, terrace,porch,veranda,near a window,or just about anywhere with air and water and an organic substrate for the plant to hold onto will do.I hope that you enjoy viewing this Orchid of Barry Gourmet & Raw as much as I did?

“ An Orchid in all her brilliance of color is the peacock of all living plants”

Barry Gourmet & Raw

Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeeana)

Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeeana)

Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeeana) aka Mexican Shrimp Flower. These plants can be seen in yellow (as above), red, or pink, all with white flowers which extend from bracts. Once larger the plant droops over and the bracts resemble shrimp, which its common name is derived from. Native to Mexico, these intriguing plants are growing in popularity as ornamental shrubs that are generally low maintenance and drought tolerant.

low maintenance flowering plants

low maintenance flowering plants

Coral Bells Plant

Most coral bells sport clouds of tiny, bell-shaped pink, coral, red, or white flowers in late spring or early summer. However, varieties grown primarily for their foliage may have insignificant blooms. Foliage colors include red, purple, silver, as well as green, and some varieties sport marbled or patterned leaves. Foliage height ranges from 6 to 18 inches; flower spikes can reach 24 inches tall. Easy care/low maintenance Unusual foliage Good for cut flowers Attracts hummingbirds Select a site with full sun to light shade and well-drained soil. In areas with hot summers, light shade is preferred.

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